1979 Camaro Z28


-Dirtmap (Taken from a different game so it’s not perfect)
-Custom Livery Support
-Proper Collisions
-Animated Engine and Exhaust
-Breakable Windshield
-Breakable Lights
-Working Dials
-Paintable Interior (Secondary Color)
-Paintable Wheels (Paint 4, can be changed using Simple Trainer)
-Hands on steering wheel
-Working Mirrors
-Vintage Headlights
-Realisitc Handling and Engine sound


v2.0 – Yes 2.0 cuz tons of changes lol
Added Tuning Parts with Livery Support(not perfect)
New realistic burn map for all LODS
Fixed clipping in some areas
Fixed some interior parts being tinted with windows
Improved dirtmap to fix bad seams and transitions
More Liveries by Kwebbl
Updated Leather spec by GreenAid

v1.1 – Fixed Dirty Interiors and edited livery names thanks to OhDeer.

v1.0 – Initial release


Turn10 Studios – Model (Forza Motorsport 4), Rotor Textures and Dirtmap(Forza Horizon 3)
DMN – Extraction
MindF*ck – Livery Textures, Engine model, Wheel Textures, Labels & Engine Textures,
Door Sills
Assetto Corsa – Wheel Model
GreenAid – Handling, Colors, Leather, Headliner and Carpet Textures,
texture optimizations and other improvements
v4d3r – Screenshots, Testing and some improvements
Ubisoft – Enginebay and engine lods, Undercarriage textures (Watch_Dogs)
SM Studios – Grille texture (Project Cars)
Google Images – Many other textures
Petry Christian – Normal map generator
Scrat – DLC Base
Oleg – Zmodeler

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  • : gta5-mods