1995 Porsche 911 GT2(993)

-HQ Exterior
-HQ Interior
-LODS (Not all)
-AO mapped (regular)
-Custom Livery Support (RWB)
-Proper Collisions
-Animated Engine and Exhaust
-Breakable Windshield
-Breakable Lights
-Working Dials
-Paintable Interior (Benny’s Interior Color)
-Paintable Wheels (Secondary Color)
-Paintable Calipers (Paint 4, can be changed using Simple Trainer)
-Hands on steering wheel
-Working Mirrors
-Realisitc Handling and Engine sound

-Dashboard Indicators don’t work. I tried my best to get them working but I couldn’t do it.
-The dirt might look a bit weird on the RWB version as the dirmap was made for the regular one.


-Added Vanilla License plate variant
-Minor interior improvements


Turn10 Studios – Model (Forza Horizon 3), Textures(Forza Motorsport 4)
DMN – Extraction
Assetto Corsa – Tires
GreenAid – Handling, Textures other improvements
Kwebbl – Liveries, Testing and improvements
Edo89ITA – Testing
IGnoTon – License Plate (https://www.gta5-mods.com/users/IGnoTon)
SM Studios – Grille texture (Project Cars)
Google Images – Many other textures
Petry Christian – Normal map generator
Scrat – DLC Base and his tutorials that help a lot
Oleg – Zmodeler

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