Quality HQ interior & exterior;
HQ/3D engine, suspension, door sills and parts;
GTA 5 license plates (front extra);
Correct damage;
Correct window tinting;
Correctly collision;
Correct camera;
Bullets impact;
Correct reflection mirror;
Correct lights;
Support pain jobs, template including;
Working animation exhausts & engine;
Original proportions of the car;
Hands on the steering wheel;
Correct door functionality;
Work neon;
Rendering of the body and wheels;
Glass crash;
Correctly sits the driver and passenger;
Working suspension and transmission;
The wheel remains intact with a broken tire;
Dirt effect;
You can add figurines in the garage Benny’s;
Painted In five colors:[CLR:1] – body;[CLR:2] – brake calipers and suspension;[CLR:4] – wheels;[CLR:6] – interior (only via trainer and in Benny’s mod shop);[CLR:7] – interior (only via trainer and in Benny’s mod shop);
Working digital and analog speedometer;
Working radio.

Model from: FH3
Conversion in GTA 5: Alex9581 & p4elkin
Author 80% textures and rework: Alex9581, p4elkin, Tizir
(homepage: ManiaMods.ru)

Special thanks to for screenshots! Thank you, guys!
Authors: kizacudo and _Pandolfi_

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