Dodge Challenger Liberty Walk by Team eXtreme:-

Model Extracted By :
source : Forza Horizon 3
Some Textures : CSR2
car convert : xX_racer_Xx
editfix : ajay191
Dirt Texture : Aige
Beta testing & Pics by : Yoga
Help : Yoga & Abhi123

-HQ Exterior.
-HQ Interior.
-HQ Engine.
-HQ Dirt.
-Mirrors working.
-Template Included for creating own PJs.
-All Lights working.
-All Parts opening.
-Contains Forza Quality L0 and L1.
-Rollcage and Plate as Extras.
-Color 1 Body.
-Color 4 Rims.
-Blood,Scratches and Bullet holes appear on Body.

-Car is locked.

-Windows Don’t Break
-If you find any other bug write in the comments’ contact us on Facebook page or send message on my GTAinside profile.

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[team eXtreme]

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